Born in Belgium and since 2011 living and working in Sao Paulo.

My work is inspired on the mass-consumption society. A world of seduction, obsession, advertising and manipulation.

I seek to reshape questions like; How vulnerable does an individual’s aspiration make him or her on a personal and socio-cultural level in a world that is driven by a Power Industry. Can one still hold to one’s own identity, ascribing true values in a modern world that is addicted to consumption with an overwhelming stream of images and messages, issuing from a Wonderful World of Consumer Perfection with insatiable desires and products that will constantly fade with a pursuit of renewal and replacement?

For the creation of the works I apply imagery and mostly disposable materials of the consuming and media environment resulting in installations, drawings, multimedia, prints and collages.


Solo exhibitions
-2010 PLATONIC IDEALS & HOT KETCHUP | Gallery Daeppen
-2008 Make a world of difference | Gallery Daeppen, Basel
-2006 Synthetic Ivory | Gallery Daeppen, Basel
-2005 Snap | Gallery Daeppen, Basel

Collective exhibitions
– 2013 DOG ART MUBE – Sao Paulo
-2012PROPAGANDA oder die Diktatur der Mittelklasse | Gallery Daeppen—Basel
-2009 BORN TO BE PUNK | Gallery Daeppen, Basel
-2007 Schau Rausch | Linz AT (OK-centrum for Contemporary Art) in cooperation with Linz 2009 – European Capital of Culture
-1999 Extramuros | Cultural Centre of Strombeek, Bruxelles

Art fairs
-2010 Berliner Liste
-2009 6- Kunstsalon, Berlin
-2008 Kunst08 Zuerich
-2088 5. Kunstsalon Berlin
-2008 Kunstmesse Tease Cologne
-2007 Kunst 07, International Contemporary Art Fair Zuerich
-2007 4. Kunstsalon Berlin
-2006 Kunst 06, 12th International Contemporary Art Fair Zuerich
-2006 Art Forum Liste 06, Berlin
– 2005 Kunst 05 Zuerich, 11th International Art Fair Zuerich

represented by
Gallery Daeppen, Gallery for Urban Art visit website

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