FRAGILE | 2014

Installation “Fragile”, part of the group exhibition “Le Mal de Vivre” at Gallery Daeppen in 2014.

Fragile is an installation that includes sculptures and their wooden moving crates. This installation was produced in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I was living at the time. It was moved to Basel for the group exhibition ‘Le Mal De Vivre’.

Challenges, leaving behind memories and unidentified emotions are gathered in this installation. The beauty and distress that comes with constantly moving to other countries. A collection of unfinished fragments and unnecessary things from the past mingled with new impressions and experiences. Creating new stories, a repetitive process that leads to “going away feels like arriving”.

Strong personal impressions of Brazilian society like African-rooted rituals, religions and omnipresent street-dogs (see project 250 dogs) are reflected.

The sculptures are made of resin and marble, calcite and ceramics. The crates were actually used to transport the sculptures and are an integral part of the story telling.

Hilde Kentane