RESERVADO is a 36-page zine. It originated from a selection of pictures, photomontages, drawings and sketches of impressions and experiences that I gathered during my stay in Sao Paulo/Brazil.

In the city and the suburbs my attention was often drawn by the “Coincidental Street Installations”. Trash, construction waste in a dilapidated street corner, a broken wall, graffiti, some vegetation already growing through it, a street dog or a passerby… constituting uninterruptedly changing scenes revealing what is going on. They create an atmosphere of decadence leaving traces of living and survival in this giant chaotic metropolis with outspoken contrasts.

By photography, photomontage and drawing I attempted to reconstruct the mentality of these street scenes and assembled a selection of them in “RESERVADO” – 2015.

Hilde Kentane

Zine published by Gallery Daeppen.
Zine format: Din A5, 36 pages, 60 copies