SNAP | 2005

While keeping my own independent living space, I observe, I read, I listen, I feel, l absorb… collecting small pieces of memory about what happens around me and far away from me… while leaving traces on my drawing pad. Some topics frequently reappear and I approach them in various ways… topics like indifference, invented truths, anthropocentrism… An act, a pretext or sometimes a look or a word interpellates me, engages me, drives me and incites me to draw, paint, assemble, sculpture… I take impressions out of their context and reintroduce them into other contexts. While proceeding, I act, react incessantly to every trait, stain, shadow, the paper’s reaction … until a reality of myself is coming out by means of a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, independent of its origin and of myself.

Hilde Kentane