Installation Objects Works on paper


Works on paper

The concepts of this exhibition are obsession, fragility, aspiration, absurdity, and existential drama with characters I set up in installations, drawings, prints and collages.

For the creation of the works I applied imagery and mostly disposable materials of consuming and media environment, seeking to reshape questions such as how we create the world in our conscious and subconscious experience. And to what level is this experience influenced by the overwhelming stream of images, issuing from a Wonderful World of Consumer Perfection, in which products are more Platonic Ideals than mundane goods, products that will constantly fade with a pursuit of renewal and replacement.

How vulnerable does an individual’s aspiration make him or her on a personal and socio-cultural level? Can one still be true to one’s own identity, ascribing true values in a modern world that is addicted to consumption, a world that is driven by a Power Industry, constantly injecting sets of homogeneous, to conformity pushing – yet insatiable – desires?

Hilde Kentane